Short Term Lease

June 28, 2018

Short Term Lease

Short-term rental of real estate is the new trend in the category of residential leases with particular development in the southern suburbs of Athens. Platforms such as Airbnb enable either owners or exploiters to enjoy income from their real estate for a certain amount of time with little usually investment. Property management companies are active in the space, taking a percentage of income throughout short-term lease (supply of white linen, cleaning of linen & space, photographic & promotional expenses, welcome, breakfast basket, etc.). Particular attention is needed to have a correct information on tax issues of short-term lease and in relation to the building regulation of each block of flats. A short-term lease is defined as any lease that does not exceed 90 days. Otherwise, it is considered to be a tourist facility with a regulatory requirement to be registered in NTO, which may contradict the regulation of the block of flats.


Our office has a dedicated consultant who can tell you about every aspect of the short-term lease of your property and then take over the entire package to serve your visitors.


You can contact us at or tel. 2109607710

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