June 28, 2018


Basic conditions for the energy upgrading of a property are to be the primary home and a legal one but also to be classified in category D or less in the first energy certificate prepared by the energy inspector, while older certificates should be replaced by a new according the last energy regulation. The budget for interventions could reach € 25,000, including VAT. Eligible expenditure is both the cost of the project consultant and the two ambulatory inspections.


Requests and documentation of the energy upgrade will be made through a dedicated online platform of the Ministry, while further information will be provided to interested parties on the results and the development of their application.


The person who is well prepared has a better chance of being approved.


The necessary step for each candidate before the application is to issue a energy certidication of existing condition and select the interventions that will bring the greatest energy savings according to the new legislation.


Our technical office ABConstruction undertakes:


  • Issue an Energy Certificate of Existing Statement
  • Property Control according the building license
  • Preparing a submission dossier
  • Collaboration with banks
  • Implementation of interventions through a project contractor
  • Issue an Upgraded Energy Certificate
  • Submission of a application electronically


You can contact us at or tel. 2109607710

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