Golden Visa

June 28, 2018

Golden Visa

This information concerns the promotion of information about the real estate market in Greece and the opportunities it offers to investors. The eight-year financial crisis, which plagues the Greek economy, has marked the real estate market. The fall in prices since 2008 is at a rate of -40% in the middle, while from 2015 the first signs of stabilization have emerged, especially in coastal areas of the country. The number of purchases has stabilized, while the rate of decline in property prices has shrunk and in the coming years we expect it to revert to a moderate rhythm.

In the context of attracting purchasers to the country, the Greek government instituted the GOLDEN VISA program. Interested in buying property worth more than 250,000 euros in Greece and offers:


  • 5 + 5 = 10 years VISA

i.e. a five-year visa with a five-year renewal at the end of the first period

  • Extension of VISA to family members
  • Travel within the EU, for up to three months every six months,

with multiple inputs

  • Unrestricted movement within Schengen zone countries


Program membership has the following conditions:


  • Purchase of property (s) in Greece worth 250,000 euros

(land, residential or professional property).

Health certificates from a state hospital

  • Health claim of an applicant
  • Certificate of marital status (certified by a consulate)
  • First type D visa for the initial voyage


Our office REMAX ABC operates in the area of ​​the southern suburbs of Athens, in the capital of the country. Our area starts from Faliro and reaches to Sounio, including a wide range of suburban, medium and high incomes.



Main characteristics of the area are:


  • direct contact with the sea
  • easy access to the international airport
  • Coastal connection to Aegean islands via Piraeus
  • Access to the center of Athens via metro
  • the operation of international schools in the closest environment


The key to the development of prices in the region is the development of the Greek landmark project for the Athenian Riviera over the next decade.


Our company has been active in the real estate market since 1977. It consists of:


  • Real estate agency REMAX ABC
  • Technical office (studies & constructions)
  • Real Estate Management Company

(building maintenance & short / long term leases)


Undertakes with a lawyer, notary, accountant and insurer the whole process of issuing a golden visa for its customers.


In case you are interested in further information about the cooperation with us or about the GOLDEN VISA program, please contact to make an appointment.

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